The Ultimate

Tattoo Client Management System

The Ultimate

Tattoo Client Management System

Tattoo Software

Made for tattooers, by tattooers

By TSMpro

Do you struggle to keep up with all the apps clients message from?

⭐Facebook⭐Email⭐Instagram⭐Text⭐Phone calls⭐Google

Chat with clients across multiple channels inside our app

  • Text
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Instagram (coming soon)
  • Google My Business

They communicate with you the way they want, and you see it all in one place

TSMpro covers more than just client communication....

Consultation booking made easy

Every TSMpro account gets your own dedicated booking page. Making it easy for clients to fill out your custom form and get booked.

Website Live Chat

Potential clients simply fill out the form, and you reply via text from your computer or phone.

Multiple ways to book your clients

  • Online booking request (Choose if clients pay before or after booking)
  • You schedule from the desktop app
  • You schedule from the mobile app from anywhere

Every Client Has Their Own Profile

See all their info in 1 easy to find location. Simply click on their name and see EVERYTHING

  • View Conversation History and chat via Email, Facebook, and Text
  • Even Create forms and that include reference photos
  • View Upcoming and past appointments
  • Send new invoices through text

We Focus On Management and Growth

Fully integrate with multiple ad platforms and attribute your client growth directly do your campaigns!

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Google My Business Reporting

Never Miss A New Client With Our Pre-Built AI System

Missed Call Text Back

Ever have a missed call from your Google My Business listing? Now you can automatically send a text to that number. Start a conversation via text or let them know you will call them back!

Appointment Reminders and Follow Ups

Create your own customized appointment reminders, requests for Google reviews, aftercare messages, request for healed photos and more

Reactivate Old Clients

Have a client that hasn't booked in awhile?

Our smart AI system will seek out your client opportunities and invite those clients back into your shop. You don't have to do anything. We automatically will send messages, record their feedback and send them to booking forms when they're ready.

Google Review Booster

Need a boost in your Google Rankings? Positive Google reviews are a key metric in how well your business is ranked on Google. Send both email and text review requests automatically after the client has their appointment.

Use those reviews as Testimonials on your website

It doesn't matter if your website is built on our system or you already have your own site and want to keep paying for it. You can embed or testimonial feature on ANY website and it will update in real time with your new reviews you are getting.

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